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Tryptych for flute, oboi and eight strings

These Dixtuor, with as title ‘Triptych’, was conceived for the members of ‘The Belgian Chamber Orchestra’ with Georges Maes as a conductor and solo violin, ensemble of which I was during fifteen years member as a viola player. Knowing from within the quality of the leader and of the instrumentalist-colleagues I composed a rhythmically and instrumentally virtuoso piece. It goes without saying that I dedicated the work to all my colleagues.
With this composition I was awarded in 1974 the ‘Jef Van Hoof prize’. The composition was also many times performed during a concert tour we made with the orchestra throughout our country. This particular recording was made during the same year in the studio of the Flagey building. I feel very obliged to mention especially the two wind players: Paul De Winter, flutist and Paul Van Ghijsel, oboi.
I also want to mention that the composition can be performed with the strings doubled. Of course in that case the leader has to take care of the balance.

Tre Pezzi per Orchestra d’Arco

This composition was commissioned in 1995 by and composed for the famous Belgian string ensemble ‘I Fiamminghi’ conducted by Rudolph Werthen. In this composition I made use of all the technical and musical possibilities of which this brilliant ensemble disposed. I emphasized these possibilities with large solo passages by the violin- and cello solo and I also inserted many divisi for the different instrumental groups. With these divisi I believe I achieved divergent aims, on the one hand it intensified the involvement of all the instrumentalists and on the other hand I got more differentiation in the sound color.
The three parts of this composition are conceived as a whole, with other words, it is possible to play them apart but it remains preferable that the three parts are performed together.
This performance by ‘I Fiamminghi’ under its conductor Rudolph Werthen is a studio production realized in 2000.

13 Miniature per Flauto o Ottavino e Quartetto per Archi.

Performers: Ensemble Arco Baleno and Peter Verhoyen, Fluit and Piccolo.


with Henri Raudales, violin, and ‘The New Flemish Symphony Orchestra conducted by Patrick Peire. You can order this cd on the internet site www.symfonieorkest.be

Due Pitture, deel II

performed by ‘The New Flemish Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dirk Brossé.  You can order this cd on the internet site:  www.symfonieorkest.be

Winds of Dawn, 2de deel

I perceived the very thrilling poem by Whyston Hugh Auden ‘O what is that sound’ as the appropriate text to express the feeling of distraction man experiences when he is landing into an extreme situation as he is in this case, during warfare. In this poem the poet shows the negative side of man, who, in these circumstances and because of self-preservation is even capable to betray his fellowman (woman). After this dramatic episode follows the Pater Noster for a cappella chorus, the main prayer of Christianity. The meaning of this extreme contrast with the preceding dramatic duet is to be seen as a kind of escape from the hopelessness of reality. As such this prayer is a cold comfort for our own insignificance.

This evening-filling opus for Soprano, Tenor and Baritone solo and mixed choir, children’s choir and Symphony orchestra is performed by Catherine Vandevelde, soprano, Andrew Wicks, tenor, Stuart McIntyre, baritone, The Flemish Radio Choir, The Madrigal choir, Rondinella and ‘The Symphonic Orchestra of Flanders’ conducted by Johan Duijck.
It’s a life recording of the performance given in the Blue Concert Hall of ‘De Singel’ in Antwerp, Belgium, on November the 12th 2000. You can order the two cd’s on the internet site of the Flemish Symphony Orchestra: www.symfonieorkest.be

There is another sky

Live recording of the creation concert at Stasegem by the VRK with conductor Johan Duijck.




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